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Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

When I Sad

Every people can be sad. It's naturally..when your hope can't be real, or somenone you love actually not love you,or someone who you believe actually chet you, or you give a good treat (i mean you kindly) to your friends but they aren't too.. yeahhh,,when you sad, your tears am i,,we are human not an angel ..

I ever watch a movie..and i like one quote from that movie : "you can be sad, you can be cry, but you can't give up,,cause if you give up you lose". It's so true..sad and cry are rainbow in life...if we are always happy its mean we aren't really life....And when we sad,,doing something which will make we happy again ^^
When I Sad, i will open my video and photo gallery's handphone or notebook, and see smile of my KPop Idol...when i see his smile, my sadness will be die !!! Do you have an idol who can make you happy ?
See his smile,,it's make you happy, isn't it?