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Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

My First Experience Attend at Super Show 5 Indonesia Part1

Friday, about 16.30 WITA i received sms from that tell me to open my my mind: oh ya Allah,,am i get free tix SS5INA as a quiz winner? Suddenly, my heart move to fast and i almost cry...actually when i know that SS5 will be held in Indonesia so i pray every day and time to Allah,,hope Allah allow me to watch SS5INA..and yes,correct,,i am a winner and i get a free tix SS5INADay1 category Stand A from I join many quiz which the gift is free tix SS5INA,,but until 30 May 2013 I did not go get the news that I won,,but then 31 May i got it..i Alhamdulillah,,i win one of them :D i was very happy..
I say to Allah, if i get a free tix, i will go Jakarta to watch SS5INA,,so that i tell my parents about this.. my mother actually not allow me cause i will spent money too much to go Jakarta..but my heart is strong..altough i spent money too much but i still want to i prepare everything for tomorrow, 1 June 2013, the SS5INA Day1.
I go to Jakarta with Ayu, my new friends that i know her from twitter. I take off to Jakarta at 8.25 AM..FYI, this is my first time to step my foot in Jakarta..hhahhha *poor me eoh
After 2 hours a arrived at Soetta airport..i must wait Ayu cause her take a flight at 09.40 AM. When Ayu have been arrive at Soetta airport, we go to caffe to take a lunch. We both order rice fried. And the bill is wow,,too expensive..1 porsi of fried rice is 42.000 IDR.
After eat, we take a taxi to go to MEIS Ancol. We must pay  taxi cost 180.000 IDR plus pay for admission tix to Ancol area is 30.000 IDR. When we arrive at MEIS, wow so many people and seller who sale SJ merchandise. I bought some, like keychains, light sticks,sticker,and fan.

At 15.00 WIB, i meet agent from who will give a tix.,this is the tix :
After get the tix, i separate with Ayu, cause she will be watch from Silver category and i at Stand A category. I meet three friends who also watch at Stand A. We must queue at opening gate for coming in MEIS.

At 17.30 WIB, the gate is opened. At 18.00 WIB we come in MEIS. This is condition in MEIS before Show Time...

And,,at 19.00 the Super Show 5 INA Day 1 is beginning :D enJOY the Show :D this is the song list (Cr: @worldwideElfs) cause i not remember all of the song list :p

1.the boys already performed Mr simple. Performing Bonamana NOW
NOW Super Girl
3.The boys are talking now
5.NOW Its You
6.again VCR
7.NOW Sexy, Free & Single
NOW Boom Boom
Looks like the song list will be same as
10.Yaaye NOW Club No.1. Time to see their manly side :) Club No. 1
11.NOW VCR again
12.NOW Henry, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae's " So Cold"
13.Yes SJ how are we ELF supposed to live without you. NOW " How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" Kyu,min,wookie and Mimi
NOW Dance Performance
15.NOW "Cross Dressing" with Siwon, Wookie, Min and Kangin.
16.NOW Break Down
18.RockStar almost there ELF, Don't faint girls kekeke
19.NOW performing "GO"
20.NOW Shake It Up
Be careful boy Kyuhyun fell down (cre:OurGyuhyun )
21.Here we go, Breath deep keke NOW ROCKSTAR
OMG boys Careful Donghae fell down too (cre OurGyuhyun)
ROCKSTAR. Siwon is topless too with Eunhyuk!!!!, OMG how can ELF take this
22.VCR again
23.NOW Bittersweet. Don't worry ELF the boys are ok.
24.Love this song, miss YEYE NOW Daydream
25.NOW: The boys created song with 'apakah anda senang?(are you happy?)' the melody is cute and they're creative ^^ cre: OurGyuhyun
26.NOW Memories
27.NOW Super Heroes VCR
28.NOW "Wonder Boy"
29.NOW "Sunny"
30.NOW Dancing Out
31.I DO NOW "Marry You"
Its almost ending time T _ T
ELF shouting "We want more, Encore.
32.NOW Encore " Sorry Sorry"
33.NOW "Show Me Your Love"
34.NOW Sapphire Blue
What's happening with the boys today :( Zhou Mi fell down under the stage
35.NOW "So i"
Zhou Mi said "I'm so happy today, I fell because I was too excited" (cre ItsChunnyMi vie SunshineZhouMi)
Hyukjae asks fans to support henry's solo and he wonders why henry isn't following him on twitter (cr: haefangs) LOL.
Eunhae ask elf to love their new song, Wook ask to support sukira. (cr: febifabiola) hahaha nonstop promoting.
Hyuk: "See you again, we will come again for SS6 INA." (cr: febifabiola)
36.Ended  ..See You again Oppadeul :D
I have many video (altough not too clear) but i will be upload here if i have a wast time :))
After SS5INA ended, i and Ayu go to Soetta Airport soon cause we have flight at 05.40 AM.
Next, i will tell you about my opinion when i watch SS5INA..This post will be countinued guys :D

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